New York Yoga Teachers Association

Honoring Dharma Mittra

Dear Fellow Yoga Practitioners,

Some exciting news! Dharma Mittra is having 2 major events we want to inform you about. They will be the last events before he leaves the current space at 63rd West 23rdStreet.

Donna Davidge: President of NYYTA

NYYTA is an organization which was started in 1998
by a group of dedicated yoga teachers from diversified schools of yoga and had active committees and workshops for the yoga community.
Since that time yoga has grown even more diversified with many more studios and forms and hybrid combinations of yoga
surfing- paddleboards and acro!

In the past we have offered workshops with Rodney Yee, DharmaMittra, Shiva Rea and Rod Stryker, to name a few.
We would love to hear from any avid yoga enthusiasts/studios/teachers/students/volunteers who would like to reunite the yoga community in any way that can further serve the community for any and all ages and income levels.

Please contact us with your ideas and needs. We are waiting to hear from you! Any and all questions/suggestions welcome

contact:Donna Davidge at

The mission of the New York Yoga Teacher's Association is to build and support a harmonious Yoga community of Teachers, Students, and Studios. [ more ]

Be part of a dynamic and fun Yoga community and enjoy all of these benefits:



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